Summer is a main character on What the Water Gave Me. She is first introduced in the Season 4 episode "Welcome to Paradise" at Silver Sea Research Facility. She begins to work at the aquarium in the Season 5 premiere "New Romantics" but eventually departs after "What the Water Gave Us" to become the director of Silver Sea.

Focus Episodes Edit

Season 4- Edit

  • Welcome to Paradise (4x18)
  • In Too Deep (4x19)
  • Between (4x20)
  • Dolphin Show (4x21)
  • Together We Stand (4x22)
  • Make a Wave (4x23)

Season 5- Edit

  • Don't Let Go (5x01)
  • My Sister's Keeper Part 1 (5x03)
  • My Sister's Keeper Part 2 (5x04)
  • Solo (5x07)
  • Family Ties (5x09)
  • Painter (5x10)
  • We Found Love (5x15)
  • Landslide (5x19)
  • Thrift Shop (5x22)
  • We Built the Water (5x24)

Season 6 Edit

  • Piece by Piece (6x02)
  • Speak (6x03)
  • This is Halloween (6x07)
  • Freeze Dry (6x08)
  • Stay (6x14)
  • Plan B (6x20)
  • Nightmare (6x21)
  • Reunite (6x22)

Season 7 Edit

  • Alliance (7x02)
  • Feather (7x03)
  • Run, Run, Run (7x06)
  • Somber (7x07)
  • Lonely Hearts (7x13)
  • Dog Days Are Over (7x14)
  • Target Practice (7x16)
  • The Pavilion (7x20)

Season 8 Edit

  • Edit It All (8x03)
  • X (8x06)
  • Normalcy (8x16)
  • Heat Wave (8x21)

Season 9 Edit

  • I Believe In Magic (9x02)
  • Our Evolution (9x05)
  • Sonic Boom (9x14)
  • Club Otter (9x16)

Season 10 Edit

  • Forgiveness (10x02)
  • Our Sorrows (10x03)
  • I Love You (10x04)
  • Family (10x08)
  • Sleep (10x11)
  • High Tide (10x12)

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