Season 1

Season 1 of What the Water Gave Me features 13 episodes. Major storylines include Alyssa's beginning at Daybreak Aquarium, the development of Luna and Alyssa's friendship, Mason's coming out, Xander and Alyssa's first relationship, Trent and Tori grappling with their dissatisfaction with life, the revelation of Tori's abusive relationship, Mason's band, and the aquisition of the third Aqua Star. 

1x01- Pilot

1x02- Set in Stone

1x03- Rush

1x04- Challenges and Choices

1x05- The Night In

1x06- Lost and Found

1x07- Don't Fear the Reaper

1x08- Counting Stars

1x09- Swap

1x10- Merchandise

1x11- Sharks and Dolphins

1x12- Where the Water Flows

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