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Luna is a main character on "What the Water Gave Me". She is originally a penguin keeper at the aquarium and the best friend of Alyssa. She finds out that she is adopted in Season 6. Her arm is amputated in the Season 8 episode "Amputate" and she subsequently leaves the aquarium in "Upscale Assumptions and Impressions" she returns in "Summer Nights". In Season 4 she develops a relationship with Carson until his departure in the Season 7 episode "Move Along". She becomes the aquarium's head keeper in the Season 8 episode "Full Moon".

Personality Edit

Luna is initially portrayed as a scatterbrained individual who takes great pride in her work and its results. She is ambitious in her desire to make the aquarium as great as it can be, a trait that oftentimes clouds her judgement. She oftentimes believes that her way is the only way to approach an issue and is stubborn to her colleagues. Her stubbornness is also supported by her inability to give up. Luna is also loyal to a fault wherein oftentimes she puts the needs of her friends over her own. This loyalty is best expressed in her decision to not pursue a relationship with Xander out of respect for her best friend, Alyssa. It is also seen in her significant campaign to bring Bella back to the aquarium after her second relapse. Her past relationship failures fuel her romantic indecision. Her amputation sends Luna spiraling into depression as it challenges her once fierce independence. However, Luna finally learns to rely on her friends as they do her and recovers from the traumatic incident.

Focus Episodes Edit

Season 1 Edit

  • Pilot (1x01)
  • Set in Stone (1x02)
  • Rush (1x03)
  • Counting Stars (1x08)
  • Swap (1x09)
  • Where the Water Flows (1x12)

Season 2 Edit

  • Cue the Rain (2x02)
  • Glass (2x03)
  • Anything Could Happen (2x04)
  • City of Angels (2x05)
  • Out of the Woods (2x07)
  • Battlefield (2x12)

Season 3 Edit

  • Luminescence (3x02)
  • Prayers and Promises (3x04)
  • Space and Time (3x07)
  • Choose Your Battles (3x09)
  • Because of You (3x11)
  • The Calm Before the Storm (3x12)
  • Storm (3x13)

Season 4 Edit

  • The Sun Will Rise (4x01)
  • Sky (4x02)
  • Break Free (4x06)
  • Worth (4x08)
  • The Lawyer (4x09)
  • Chandelier (4x10)
  • Leader (4x12)
  • Competition Part 1(4x13)
  • Competition Part 2 (4x14)
  • Cool Kids (4x15)
  • Rise (4x16)
  • In Too Deep (4x19)
  • Dolphin Show (4x21)
  • Make a Wave (4x23)

Season 5 Edit

  • Dont Let Go (5x01)
  • Lunar Eclipse (5x02)
  • The Council (5x06)
  • Painter (5x10)
  • Christmas Part 2 (5x13)
  • We Found Love (5x15)
  • If I Fall (5x16)
  • First Time (5x20)
  • Anaconda (5x21)
  • Thrift Shop (5x22)
  • The Letters (5x23)

Season 6 Edit

  • Piece by Piece (6x02)
  • Publicity (6x04)
  • Dream On (6x06)
  • Freeze Dry (6x08)
  • The Museum (6x09)
  • Stay (6x14)
  • Blood and Water (6x15)
  • I Was Happy (6x17)
  • Polaroid (6x18)
  • Gavels and Judgements (6x19)
  • Crossroads (6x23)
  • The City of Blinding Lights (6x24)

Season 7 Edit

  • Alliance (7x02)
  • Run, Run, Run (7x06)
  • Somber (7x07)
  • Move Along (7x08)
  • Whenever You Remember (7x10)
  • The Pavilion (7x20)
  • I'll Be, I Am (7x21)
  • Starlight Part 1 (7x23)
  • Starlight Part 2 (7x24)

Season 8 Edit

  • Burn and Freeze (8x02)
  • Full Moon (8x05)
  • Laughter (8x09)
  • Search and Rescue (8x10)
  • Bachelor (8x11)
  • Chasing Cars (8x13)
  • Amputate (8x14)
  • The World Keeps Turning (8x15)
  • Normalcy (8x16)
  • Upscale Assumptions and Impressions (8x17)
  • Cages (8x18)
  • Dark Worlds (8x19)
  • Ricochet (8x20)
  • Summer Nights (8x22)
  • Follow the Yellow Brick Road (8x23)
  • Daybreak (8x24)

Season 9 Edit

  • I Believe in Magic (9x02)
  • The Gift Shop (9x06)
  • The Reason I Breathe (9x09)
  • Listen (9x10)
  • Sonic Boom (9x14)
  • Queen B (9x18)
  • Stop Us If You Can (9x21)

Season 10 Edit

  • The Siren's Song (10x01)
  • Our Sorrows (10x03)
  • Man In the Mirror (10x05)
  • The Magic of Disney (10x06)
  • Cosmetics (10x07)
  • High Tide (10x12)
  • What the Water Gave Us (10x13)

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