Lana is a main character on "What the Water Gave Me". Her first appearance is in the season 2 episode "Turnover". She leaves after the hurricane and returns in "Death and All His Friends". After being offered a director position at a rival institution and being ostracized by Trent she leaves the aquarium in "Blood and Water". After an intervention by Summer and Carson she returns in "Reunite".

Focus Episodes Edit

Season 2 Edit

  • Turnover (2x06)
  • Out of the Woods (2x07)
  • Breathe (2x08)

Season 3 Edit

  • Luminescence (3x02)
  • Pretty Hurts (3x08)

Season 4 Edit

  • Death and All His Friends (4x03)
  • Eastern Sky (4x05)
  • Worth (4x08)
  • Chandelier (4x10)
  • Rise (4x16)
  • Adventures (4x17)
  • Between (4x20)

Season 5 Edit

  • Lunar Eclipse (5x02)
  • Tales of a Wandering Soul (5x05)
  • Solo (5x07)
  • Toxic (5x08)
  • The Odyssey (5x18)
  • Thrift Shop (5x22)

Season 6 Edit

  • Publicity (6x04)
  • Freeze-Dry (6x08)
  • Flames of War (6x10)
  • Blood and Water (6x15)
  • Partition (6x16)
  • I Was Happy (6x17)
  • Polaroid (6x18)
  • Gavels and Judgements (6x19)
  • Nightmare (6x21)
  • Reunite (6x22)

Season 7 Edit

  • Feather (7x03)
  • Hazard (7x04)
  • Price Tag (7x05)
  • Aries and Pisces (7x09)
  • We're All In This Together (7x12)
  • Lonely Hearts (7x13)
  • The Fame Game (7x15)
  • Vanity (7x17)
  • I'll Be, I Am (7x21)

Season 8 Edit

  • Burn and Freeze (8x02)
  • Edit It All (8x03)
  • The Magician (8x04)
  • Backlash (8x07)
  • Normalcy (8x16)
  • Cages (8x18)
  • Heat Wave (8x21)
  • Summer Nights (8x22)
  • Daybreak (8x24)

Season 9 Edit

  • I Believe in Magic (9x02)
  • The Audience (9x03)
  • Our Evolution (9x05)
  • The Reason I Breathe (9x09)
  • Sonic Boom (9x14)
  • Pumped Up Kicks (9x20)

Season 10 Edit

  • Man In the Mirror (10x05)
  • Cosmetics (10x07)
  • High Tide (10x12)

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