I came here to create change, water is is fluid and so am I. The water gave me hope and light.
-Alyssa What the Water Gave Us
Alyssa is major character on "What the Water Gave Me" and serves as the central protagonist for the show. She joins Daybreak Aquarium in Season 1 as a dolphin trainer and leaves in Season 10 to work at Redwood Shore Aquarium as the director. In Season 5 she marries long-time love interest Xander.


Alyssa joins the aquarium in "Pilot".

Personality Edit

Alyssa is incredibly intelligent and somewhat idealistic in her pursuits. Her original dreams upon her arrival at Daybreak involve quite literally "saving the world's oceans". This idealism keeps her head in the clouds and oftentimes prevents her from seeing the repercussions of her actions. She has a tendency to run away from her problems before confronting them. However, her lofty mind also fuels significant creativity that manifests in her unconventional approaches to dolphin training and conservation. Simultaneously, Alyssa is also sensitive to the needs of her coworkers and animals and rests part of her emotional stability on their well being. Similarly to her best friend Luna, she is not afraid to go out of her way to help a friend. The only time Alyssa is truly grounded is when she feels threatened, as illustrated by her fights with Xander and Luna in earlier seasons. Later on Alyssa is able to manipulate this grudge forming into motivation to take down the Aquarium Council. Alyssa's development is also seen through her desire to gain more independence and eventual grounding in reality.

Focus Episodes Edit

Season 1 Edit

  • Pilot (1x01)
  • Set in Stone (1x02)
  • Rush (1x03)
  • Challenges and Choices (1x04)
  • The Night In (1x05)
  • Lost and Found (1x06)
  • Don't Fear the Reaper (1x07)
  • Counting Stars (1x08)
  • Sharks and Dolphins (1x11)
  • Where the Water Flows (1x12)

Season 2 Edit

  • Movin' On (2x01)
  • Cue the Rain (2x02)
  • Anything Could Happen (2x03)
  • City of Angels (2x05)
  • Out of the Woods (2x07)
  • Love is Love (2x09)
  • Past (2x11)
  • Battlefield (2x12)
  • Edge of Glory (2x13)

Season 3 Edit

  • The New Age (3x01)
  • Prayers and Promises (3x04)
  • Home (3x05)
  • Space and Time (3x07)
  • Choose Your Battles (3x09)
  • Because of You (3x11)
  • The Calm Before the Storm (3x12)
  • Storm (3x13)

Season 4 Edit

  • The Sun Will Rise (4x01)
  • Sky (4x02)
  • Death and All His Friends (4x03)
  • Break Free (4x06)
  • Worth (4x08)
  • The Lawyer (4x09)
  • Leader (4x12)
  • Competition Part 1 (4x13)
  • Competition Part 2 (4x14)
  • Rise (4x16)
  • Welcome to Paradise (4x18)
  • In Too Deep (4x19)
  • Between (4x20)
  • Dolphin Show (4x21)
  • The Return (4x24)

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